a poem to share

Three chapters of Genesis and Titus two?

Why, that’s Testament Old AND Testament New!

Those words aren’t for us, Babe, the times-they have changed…

Women and men, our roles re-arranged.

So, stop asking for sexy, ‘cause I’ve got to rest…

I’ve no energy left, my JOB gets my best!

You say you want chicken with Mac and with cheese?

No time for that, Love, I’ve a Boss to appease.

Do the dishes real tidy now, won’t you my Honey?

I’ll be home quite late, why, I’ve got to earn money!

Yes, I earned quite a bit and how I’d love to share,

But this morning I gave every bit to Day Care!

One income won’t do in our cities today;

The God of the Bible we have cast away…

After all, He can’t possibly do what He said,

And provide & make sure that our families are fed

Through the hard work & discipline of good, humble men

Who follow Him, wanting to cast aside sin.

What folly to think that somehow He faltered –

The plans for our genders, somehow He altered –

I’m making a plea and I hope you do read,

If you want dual incomes, it’ll cost you indeed…

But if it’s a helpmeet you want as your Bride,

I’ll be right there with you, standing firm by your side.


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