Social Media married sweeties and bff : )

A question for all the husbands out there:


Do you enjoy it when your wife publicly writes little sweet-nothings on your social media page/Facebook wall/other public internet venue (blog, etc.)?  Not to dampen the Holiday Cheer in the atmosphere, but I keep coming across wives writing things such as  the following to their husbands, daily:

  • I love you so much, sweetheart, thanks for being my bff  🙂


  • So blessed to be married to my bf!


  • Oh, Babe, love you sooo much.  thanks for being my bf.  I miss you, darling.  You are amazing!


  • Hon – you are such a blessing!  You are SO Loved!


Do you like this, men of the ‘sphere?  Am I missing something?  Should I be doing this for my husband?  I’m sorry…I find this kind of thing to be more appropriate for a mother toward a young child, or a girl toward a girlfriend.

Thoughts?  Wives, are you DOING this?  Is it affirming to your husband?  Does he tell you he is glad you are doing it?




4 thoughts on “Social Media married sweeties and bff : )

  1. Mensch…that’s exactly what I thought. Yuck. Triple yuck.

    These are adult, married women. BTW, that’s hilarious – the homosexual website reference. I’m certain you’re correct; these are the things you find in Cosmo (if I remember – it’s been decades since I read Cosmo) and you think they’re gospel truth for pleasing your man. Yuck again.

    Why don’t their husbands tell them to stop it? Isn’t it slightly embarrassing to be a man and have these little love-notes all over your social media wall/blog?

    If she really needs to tell him how much he’s loved and how “sweet” he is, why can’t she just text/sext him?

    Someone needs to tell these women they are treating their husbands like children.

  2. Ach, woman, don’t be daft! That’s not for men’s benefit! The aim is to show their gfs how gr8 their bf is, and make them all jealous.

    Either that, or they found one of those Internet articles, Ten Things You Can do to Make Him Happy. …Without realising that the website was for homosexuals.

    And if I had a wife who did this, I’d be a trifle suspicious of these public protestations of love (I’d fear it was a case of, methinks the lady doth protest too much, and keep a closer eye on her).

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