Poquito con Todo…

Well, my thoughts are as scattered as the contents of our home, but here goes the first post anyway!  A little bit of everything.

I couldn’t help but notice the terminology on our new lease agreement:  Head of household (for my husband) and Co-Head (for me!) – ha!  A two headed monster, they have made us.


Have I been living under a rock again, or is this terminology the “new normal” in lease and legal agreements, making “partners” in marriage further androgynous and interchangeable in nature???  Gads.

On a lighter note, I made my first outing in our new hometown yesterday morning, and had the pleasure of another this morning while Mister watched the children:

I hit the clearance aisle and RACKED UP the goods for myself (seamless tights, seamless diamond-weave hosiery – Mister’s favorite and mine) to keep my legs warm and his hands busy (smile); ten sparkly eye liners for TWO BUCKS cumulatively; four thick eyeliner shadows in wild colors for Mister (another favorite) for TWO BUCKS cumulatively; three lip glosses (one of them Fire Engine Red!); necessities for the house (like a toilet brush – trust me, DO NOT MOVE your old toilet brush into your new abode) and assorted goodies for the children.  Fun!

Do not mistake me for cheap; this is frugality, girls.  We can make ourselves sexy for our husbands with very little cash.

On a funny note, this move has done absolute wonders for our intimate life.  Room to spread out and not always be right on top of each other during the day has led to the desire to be right on top of each other after the little ones are asleep.  That, and the fact that Second Trimester Pregnancy Sex is m-u-c-h better than uber-nauseated First Trimester I-Just-Wanna-Projectile-Vomit Sex.

On a very serious note:  the Lord has seen fit to move me and Mister in next door to a highly feminist, single mother:  she has a son who is fifteen months old, and she brazenly told Mister that she “Just wants to raise HER son alone and get his father out of the picture as much as possible”.  Gad.

Did I say recently, in public, on someone’s blog that I want to be bolder with women in error?  Does this apply to “sinners” who are not professing Christians?  What about rebuking one who doesn’t profess to follow Christ – the “rules” are different, aren’t they?  I need to read my bible, but feel free to comment.  My heart breaks for that child, growing up without a Daddy.  I watched Mister go through so much of that because of the sins of the woman he has a child with when he was only twenty-two, and we are both very concerned about this young woman.  Mister says that we have to attempt to build some type of relationship with her before we just unload Truth on her…but my flesh wants to b*tch-slap some sense into her – NOW!

Blessings until next time,



5 thoughts on “Poquito con Todo…

  1. Glad the move has gone well. I have an even bigger one looming on the horizon, but it’s all in God’s hands…

    Do not mistake me for cheap; this is frugality

    Quite right — that shouldn’t need explaining to Christians. We’re stewards of all that God has given us. Unfortunately too many seem to believe that any extravagance is merited as “they’re worth it” (which of course they are not). Also, common amongst Christians is the idea that “well, I’ve earned it, so I can do what I want with it”. Again wrong. Everything belongs to The Lord and we’re only even able to earn it by His Grace. Western consumerism is vile, but sadly so much of the church has embraced it. The truth is that we don’t deserve anything but justice — which in practice means we deserve only to burn in Hell for eternity for our evildoing. That idea is lost on most Christians (or at least those who think they are Christian) and the result is that the world is in the church.

    As for your neighbour, of course she is evil (and God will do infinitely worse to her than b*tch-slapping her if she doesn’t repent). However, since she a daughter of Satan rather than a daughter of God, any attempt to reason with her about the Truth of Scripture is futile: she first needs to repent and be saved, and only then will she understand. Trying to impart to her Scriptural Truth about marriage and children is casting pearls before swine, because her worldview is completely unregenerate. She won’t receive Scriptural wisdom until she first fears The Lord. Her greatest need is to come to acknowledge how wicked and worthless she is, and her inability to do good in God’s sight — that is, she has to begin to fear God’s Wrath and see her need for The Saviour and His payment for her sin. From then on, she can then have a good relationship with her Maker, and allow Him to lead her to do what’s right by her son and his father.

    And know that she almost certainly won’t — just in case you get too disheartened when she says, “well, you can believe what you will, and I’ll believe what I will”. Remember that most people not only reject God, but want to stay that way. Only very few will be saved (and sadly many in churches — particularly in somewhere like the U.S. where “everyone is a Christian” — don’t know The Lord, either). That’s why Jesus likens evangelism to scattering seed, rather than sowing a single seed and trying to make it grow: it all depends on how people choose to receive the Word, and so it’s the “soil” which determines whether the Word will take root and they’ll be saved. Hence rather than sowing one seed and trying to coax it to grow, we are simply to scatter widely, and what will grow will grow. So don’t feel too bad if she chooses Satan’s way over God’s. Most will, in the end…

    One thing I would say is try to find out where the boy’s father is — if you can get to witness to him, that would help greatly. He may be more receptive to the message than a hard-hearted fem would, particularly if he is made to see that God hates her attitude. (Owing to the awful churches these days most unsaved men appear to think of Jesus as some anti-masculine gender-equality crusader, and church as a female-thing: putting men straight about this is important.)

    May God guide you in this, anyway — and may He bless your new home house (our home is not here!).

    • Thank you for your kind words and your thoughtful reply about our neighbor. It is easy to forget that she sees through a different set of lenses than we do; that’s just a fact of her nature (sinful and unrepentant) at this time. I think I will pursue more of a prayer process for this situation before I open my mouth at all to her or her precious son’s father (if we should ever meet him). I do wonder about him and have a heart for what must be happening with him; how awful to be kept from your young son. In the State in which we live, unless he has spent a lot of money in court, he is not “automatically” given visitation rights from a court or any other authority if they were never legally married (which they were not). So, she’s got all this “power” unless he comes up with a hefty stash of cash for a lawyer and some courtroom face time. Sad.

      • I think I will pursue more of a prayer process for this situation before I open my mouth at all to her or her precious son’s father (if we should ever meet him).

        Very wise.

        I liked your comment over at @SSM’s today. And with regard to your second comment (the “love is blind” one), I think that the way God ordered Israelite society helped to avoid many such disasters. First of all, female sexual sin was dealt with very seriously, so love-blind men would be unlikely to end up with a ruined wife, and moreover, God’s Law was nowhere near as anti-male as modern Western laws are.

        But, on the other side of the coin, love-blind girls and young women also had protection from deception by men. They were under the authority of their fathers. …And so, if they became starry-eyed about some unsuitable prospective mate (e.g. a fly-by-night ‘alpha’ predator), then their non-starry-eyed fathers would recognise the rogue for what he was, and simply step in and veto the match, end of story. No doubt many girls and young women were saved from disastrous marriages in this manner.

  2. Good job on the frugal purchases! As a wise lady once said:

    Victoria’s Secret, well their stuff’s real nice
    But I can buy the same d@mn thing on the Walmart shelf half-price
    Still look sexy, just as sexy as those models on TV
    No, I don’t need no designer tag to make my man want me.

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