hasta manana…

Those of you who really k-n-o-w  where the title of this blog originated (Parrotheads…) will appreciate the song.  A little over a decade ago, before my husband and I were born again into relationship with God through Jesus Christ…I was the quintessential, narcissistic, hedonistic, Jimmy Buffett-loving Parrothead extraordinaire.   Needless to say, I still know all the words to all the songs…by heart.

If only I could commit scriptures to memory like that.

So, when I say I’ll see you tomorrow…hasta manana…with a new blog post after a bit of a sabbatical…I DO mean it!  (Now, manana might be in “Island Time” for this transplanted Texas-Island Girl, with all that’s going on in our lives at this particular moment.)  That means don’t count on a post at seven a.m. ET sharp for you landsharks.

Thank you for your extraordinary patience with me as it has been a trying time since we moved and with me being in late pregnancy, it has been compounded.  We are blessed beyond measure, however, and I am excited to begin posting again, at least prior to the arrival of our baby in May.

No worries…

Come Monday, It’ll be alright…

hasta luego,



4 thoughts on “hasta manana…

  1. I had no idea the name came from a Buffett song. You’d think I would, since Buffett used to regularly play 5-night stands here every summer, but I was never a fan. I do recall seeing way too many people in ridiculous parrot costumes, though.

    ste: Ah, yes, the colorful and flavorful attire of the Parrothead. I never did THAT! (though I did fall down a grassy knoll at a concert in Houston and break my pinky finger in a bit of a drunken haze…)

    Yes, tLICE is a lesser-known song, unlike Margaritaville and Why Don’t We Get Drunk, and Come Monday, and all that. I still love me some Buffett, and re-purchased the box set of his Bars, Beaches, Ballads, Boats (after I threw it away in a legalistic fit when I was born again – lol). But we don’t listen to it with the children – it’s just not too cool.

    I think my husband likes the line: “You just keep on being the lady I can’t explain…”

  2. You’ve got plenty of changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes going on. Well be here with boat drinks whenever you can come out and play again. 🙂

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