Corwin James Samuel

Please feel free to visit our newest blog at the address below for all those inquiring about our newborn son, Corwin. Please be patient for updates, as I am not always near a computer or able to get internet on my phone for updates – it is a challenge living in a hospital NICU and running between here and the Ronald McDonald house, but we are blessed!

We are remarkably blessed, and Corwin continues to improve.

Much, much more later, and thank you for all your inquiries and comments!



6 thoughts on “Corwin James Samuel

    • Thank you. Sorry I’ve been MIA. This experience has been overwhelming and has caused blogging and the internet to take a huge back burner place. Thank you and God bless you. Corwin is doing well but will require open-heart surgery soon unless God chooses to heal his heart supernaturally beforehand.

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