I’m a wife to a wonderful husband and a mother to many.  Some adult children, some still at home, and one in the oven.  My husband and I have been given a second chance – a new beginning – so to speak, after being brainwashed by the world for the better portion of our lives.  We’ve been unplugged from The Matrix for about ten years now, and we are learning more everyday about our new worldview.  You will not find us in society with the exception of my husband’s working hours, as we mainly enjoy being happy hermits with our children at home (much to the chagrin of family and so-called friends.)

This is just a place to share my thoughts, hopefully learn a thing or two, and possibly teach another woman how to avoid the pitfalls of modern society and the feminist worldview that nearly destroyed my life and the lives of our firstborn children.

We love Jesus Christ, and seek to truly follow the Way as described in the New Testament of the holy Bible.  We seek to teach others of God’s view of marriage, family and children and the meaning of this holy institution, as well as it’s place in society.


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