The “Fairer” Sex: Why do women insist that every facet of our lives be fairly distributed?

Back in January our family moved across our great state to a new area, in a rather abrupt and surprising move to further my husband’s small business.  Because we were so pressed for time, we rented a beautiful new town home, sight unseen except for a video tour online.  We did all paperwork via FEDEX and just packed up and moved, knowing that God would give us exactly what we needed in a home for our still-growing family.

I must say, we are blessed.  Our cup runneth over; our home is lovely.  Isn’t it amazing how God knows what we need before we even do, and He provides for us so perfectly?  As you read what follows, know that it is spoken to expose and discuss the spirit of this modern age – and the egalitarian state in which we live – and not to murmur and complain against our Creator who has given us more than we could possibly ask or imagine for our family.

One of the perks of the town home development (small, with two dozen separate units) that we chose is internet access included.  This is hard-wired ethernet in each individual unit, wired through a major cable internet provider into one corporate account, which is billed to the management company of the property.  When we moved in, we received a notification with one of those giant circles with an ‘X’ through the middle regarding the use of a router:  in other words, “Thou shalt not hook up a router with our community ethernet, lest thine internet privilege no longer be available.”  Followed by a small caveat:  “If thou insisteth upon installing a router for multiple wireless devices, thou shalt ask permission from thine property manager.”  Okay, fair enough.

Soon it was quite obvious that we would require the use of our old router, so we phoned and after much toil and trouble, we were given the heads-up to use it and we were able to configure it properly.  Ah, the pleasures of streaming children’s movies when you do not use network TV.  Blissful oblivion ensued.  Temporarily.

Two weeks ago, suddenly, the internet was interrupted.  All weekend.  Now, we do just fine without it, and we are not movie junkies, but we needed to determine what had caused the outage and have it repaired.  Also, when we were able to actually get a wireless connection, not one, but ALL of my conservative, anti-feminist websites were BLOCKED by some strange piece of hardware showing up that WE DO NOT OWN in our home! (Mrs. Laura Wood’s website was blocked due to “sexual content” just to give you an idea of how ridiculous this was).

It never occurred to me to call the property management company, but after a weekend of tech support from my son, long-distance (we do call him Neo), he determined that the problem was with our ISP and not our particular connection or modem or computer software/hardware.  Soon, Monday rolled around, and we noticed an email from the property manager, a post-menopausal spinster and an extreme Feminista with a rigid mindset for total socialistic egalitarianism within her “property.”  It seems she had taken it upon herself to hire a tech to install a middle-man network to “patrol” each tenant’s bandwidth (she really means data, but she doesn’t realize this) usage, because SOME PEOPLE WERE GETTING MORE DATA THAN OTHERS out of their personal, in-home internet connection provided by her office.  The brilliant tech she hired (who indeed works for a company that specializes in installing televisions and audio equipment, but hey, it’s all electronic, right?) had ignorantly left SSL certificate blocking in place in his settings (hence The Thinking Housewife being seen as sexually explicit!) and had configured his Socialist-Modem-Feminista-Fairness-Badwidth-and-Data-Distribution-Device incorrectly, blocking everyone else’s private networks from accessing the signal.

It has taken another week in order for him to unscramble the egg, so to speak, and now we are live again without interruption (or SSL blocking). Now, Feminista-Property-Manager-Chick has IMPLORED everyone to purchase their own modem, setup their own wireless WPA network, and has sent out a memo that details why it is imperative and the connection will no longer work without it.  Odd, how women change the “rules” whenever their emotions seem to dictate.  (Myself included, thank God for Colonel T.)

So, here is the question that I posed in the title:  Why is it that women just cannot TOLERATE it if everything is not divvied up in what they perceive as a completely fair and equitable portion?  Everyone should have the SAME!  It’s only “fair!”  If one person is getting more than another person, something is terribly out of kilter and the Powers That Be must immediately remedy this situation because it is UNFAIR.  Right?

Why can’t women just have a little logical critical thought about things like this?  Permit me a couple of examples:  Perhaps, in the internet situation, one tenant is a business-man who works at home and uses more data than the full-time student/part-time worker who is rarely AT home to use the computer.  Perhaps, the full-time housewife uses less internet than the twenty-year-old semi-professional video gamer next door, who consumes 10G in data in less than a month.

Should we punish the gamer and reward the housewife by creating legislation that ensures that the gamer “give” some of his data to all housewives, even though few housewives really NEED the equitable distribution of data?

You know where I’m going with this.  This is why we find ourselves with another four years of Mr. Obama as Commander in Chief.  This is why women vote. This is why frivorce reigns in modern marriage.  This is why we have the Un-Family Courts.  Fairness and equality.  This was the (supposed) purpose of the Nineteenth amendment and First-Wave Feminism.  Yet, somehow, fairness turns to “superiority” in the mere bat of an eyelash, due to the fallen nature of men and women alike.

WHY?  Why do women think like this?  Is it sinful?  Is it inherently neutral?  Is it good if used within the confines of a home environment, when managing children and household, and bad when used in the public sphere and marketplace?

All comments are welcome.

I cherish your readership and welcome your responses.  (smile).